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Talking Circle

The Talking Circle is a moderated Q&A session for tribes and organizations serving American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Community of Care

Community of Care virtual gatherings bring together Indigenous and tribal-serving victim service providers to explore topics related to human trafficking. With each conversation, participants will grow their knowledge and their circle of support, while learning from other tribal victim service providers and human trafficking practitioners.


New dates coming soon.


Join a peer-to-peer learning conversation on recognizing and addressing vicarious trauma with Dr.  Quenette Walton. The session will explore trauma, vicarious trauma, historical trauma, and healing. Additionally, participants will receive tangible tools and guidance for using a healing-centered approach to build sustainable organizations. Participants will also have time to discuss how to incorporate what they learn into practice. 


Help for Victims of Human Trafficking

If you or your loved one is a victim of a crime, help is available, including toll free hotlines and information about services in your state/territory. 

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[email protected] or 1-844-682-0411