“Each survivor of human trafficking is unique and central to guiding their healing path.”

- The Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center


The Center partners with Tribal Nations and Tribal-serving organizations in a collaborative and creative process to build their capacity to serve all victims of human trafficking. The Center meets Tribes and organizations where they are in promoting human trafficking education, strengthening healing services, and identifying resources. There is no-cost to participate in any of the Center’s programs or receive the Center’s services.

Each survivor human trafficking is unique and central to guiding their healing path. Creating spaces where those who have experienced human trafficking can be heard and seen starts with education.

Talking Circles

A webinar setting, including real time Q&A, with a panel of American Indian and Alaska Native victim service practitioners. Panelists engage in a dynamic dialogue, sharing human trafficking knowledge and resources while answering participant questions. Below are links to some recordings of past Talking Circles.

Community of Care

An online setting of small group, peer-to-peer conversations offered in two formats — Notes from the Field and From Conversation to Practice. During this series of online gatherings, participants learn from human trafficking practitioners. These collaborative discussions bring together registered participants to learn about human trafficking and tribal-specific risk factors while putting their knowledge into action and growing their circle of support. Participation in each session is limited to 50 people.

Regional Gatherings

In-person and culturally responsive workshops consisting of at least two American Indian or Alaska Native communities within the same region. In-person sessions will convene up to 25 people each whose work may intersect with human trafficking survivors. Regional Gatherings are designed to deepen participant learning about human trafficking, strengthen local service delivery networks and create opportunities for dialogue across disciplines. Each session is led by a dynamic partnership of Native and culturally relevant subject matter experts and tailored to the unique needs and strengths of each region. The workshops offer opportunities to learn on a variety of human trafficking topics with a focus on sharing knowledge, and the hands-on application of resources from the victim services field.

Personal, Customized Support

Individual, customized services from the Center for Tribes and Tribal-serving organizations to assist them in building their capacity to identify and support all survivors of human trafficking. The Center meets a Tribal community where they are, promoting human trafficking education, strengthening healing services, and identifying resources This collaborative and creative process requires minimal time from local program staff while providing immediate and sustainable benefits for the Tribe or Tribal-serving organization.