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Series: Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert: Male Victims and Human Trafficking

April 2022

Ensuring equity and inclusion of services for all individuals who experience human trafficking means addressing the needs of men and boys. On April 28, 2022, a panel of experts convened to discuss men and boys’ experiences with human trafficking. The Ask an Expert series is sponsored by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center. This webinar session was offered in partnership with the Office on Trafficking in Persons’ National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center (NHTTAC).

Ask an Expert: Strategies for Funding and Sustaining Anti-Trafficking Work

December 2021

Securing funding for anti-trafficking work while maintaining daily operations can be a challenge. Victims of human trafficking require trauma-informed, holistic services. A panel of human trafficking experts, including representatives from the National Center for Victims of Crime and More Too Life, discussed strategic and sustainable approaches to fund anti-trafficking work, finding and assessing funding opportunities, and writing competitive grant applications.

Ask an Expert: Supporting a Survivor’s Long-Term Well-Being Through Community Partnerships

October 2021

One organization cannot meet all of the needs of a human trafficking victim. Establishing partnerships with local organizations is essential for both identifying potential victims and offering comprehensive services. On October 21, 2021, a panel of experts representing Tapestri, Futures Without Violence, and Twelve 11 Partners discussed ways to support a human trafficking survivor’s long-term well-being through community partnerships.

Ask an Expert: Human Trafficking and Vulnerable Populations

August 2021

While there is no defining characteristic of a human trafficking victim, traffickers often look for victims with noticeable vulnerabilities such as lack of social support networks, low self-esteem, or financial or housing insecurity. A panel of experts share information on ways human trafficking intersects with so many areas and how to support survivors in accessing services.

Ask an Expert: Building A Strong Human Trafficking Program

May 2021

Creating a human trafficking program, whether from the ground up or in addition to existing services, requires a multi-tiered approach. Internal organizational structure must be developed or enhanced alongside external service networks and partnerships. This discussion highlights steps in identifying the local need and defining a program’s vision, mission, and goals for its human trafficking victim services.

Ask an Expert: Human Trafficking Data - Using Local Data to Better Understand Trafficking in Your Community

March 2021

Data is a valuable tool in reaching potential victims of human trafficking, recognizing patterns and tactics of perpetrators, identifying vulnerabilities in industry, and informing an organization’s policies, protocols, and partnerships in serving victims. This discussion includes information on data sources, applications of data, data analysis from multiple sources, and vulnerable population data to better understand human trafficking in a specific community.

Ask an Expert: Addressing the Housing Need

February 2021

Transitional housing can be a lifeline for victims of human trafficking. Finding adequate and appropriate emergency, transitional, and long-term housing for victims of human trafficking is often the biggest service-related challenge organizations face. Discussion topics include information on potential housing partners, understanding a rights-based approach focused on survivor short- and long-term needs, available federal funding, and how to build a housing program.