Episode #1 - Reawakening the Spirit Podcast: Trauma and Human Trafficking in Tribal Communities


In this episode of Reawakening the Spirit podcast, host Tyesha Wood discusses trauma and human trafficking in Tribal communities with guest Heather Atsye (Pueblo Laguna). Heather shares her insight on intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, and personal trauma discussing and their connection to human trafficking and impact on Tribal communities. "Our trauma goes unspoken...part of our identities were lost." Heather is a human trafficking victim advocate and certified peer support worker at The Life Link: Sojourner's Advocacy Cafe and a member of the Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center's American Indian and Alaska Native Advisory Committee.

0:30 - Heather introduction

2:38 - Trauma overview

3:56 - Trauma in Tribal communities

5:54 - Trauma and its impact on daily life

8:18 - Trauma and human trafficking

11:40 - Complex, intergenerational, and historical trauma

16:20 - Safeguarding Native youth

17:26 - Talking about trauma and reinvigorating cultural traditions

20:15 - Closing


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Contact the Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center at [email protected] or 1-844-682-0411.


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Date Published: January 12, 2022