Episode #2 - Reawakening the Spirit Podcast: Survivor-Centered Support for Native Victims of Human Trafficking


In this episode of Reawakening the Spirit podcast, host Tyesha Wood discusses healing the whole person and the power of relationships in supporting victims of human trafficking with guest Shayla Beaumont (Chippewa Cree). Shayla shares her insight on meeting the survivor where they are at and letting them navigate their way to healing; “The journey for everyone doesn’t look the same.” Shayla is the former case manager for Project Beacon at All Nations Health Center located in Missoula, Montana. Project Beacon increases access to services for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native victims of human trafficking and is funded by the Office for Victims of Crime.   

0:50 - Shayla introduction 

2:25 - Holistic care for survivors of human trafficking 

3:50 - Shayla's experiences with three kidnapping attempts 

11:00 - Offering survivor-centered services 

13:00 - Reconnecting with Indigenous culture 

14:00 - The power of relationships 

16:00 - Project Beacon 

17:25 - Working with the community 

21:00 - Responding to human trafficking 

27:00 - Closing 


Mentioned In This Episode 


Contact the Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center at [email protected] or 1-844-682-0411 


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Date Published: March 3, 2022