Learn about trafficking through educational videos


Talking Circle: Human Trafficking in Tribal Communities

January 2021

Human trafficking impacts tribal people more than most of us realize with traffickers preying on vulnerabilities such as jurisdiction, prosecution, and limited resources. During this conversation, skilled practitioners share their experiences working with human trafficking in tribal communities and discuss risk factors for trafficking, barriers to addressing trafficking on tribal lands, and needed services to aid the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of trafficked tribal members or relatives.

A Healing Journey for Alaska Natives: Federal Responses to Sex Trafficking in Alaska

October 2016

This video introduces the issue of sex trafficking of Alaska Natives, especially adolescents and women who travel to urban areas from the villages and then lack the resources to return home. Awareness, outreach, safety, support, services, training, and enforcement are all critical elements discussed in the video. Each of these elements is key to successfully addressing sex trafficking.